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The 5 Best Ways to Save on Your Protein Needs

Getting enough protein is a must to stay fit and healthy. As our bodies rarely get the right amount of protein needed from food, supplements have become necessary to fill the nutritional gap. However, protein supplements such as powders and tablets can be frightfully expensive and eat away whatever budget we have set for our sports nutrition needs.

Good thing that there are a number of workarounds you can do—without skimping on quality and protein amount—to cut the high costs usually associated with protein products. Here are the top five ways to save on your protein needs.

Use discount coupons whenever you shop online.

See something you fancy online? There’s bound to be a coupon for that! Discount coupons play a huge role in making the shopping experience easier and less expensive, with the slew of price cuts and promos they provide shoppers. You can make significant savings on your protein needs when you apply discount codes when it’s time to pay for your protein purchase. When buying from some of the bigger stores like Myprotein, you can use a Myprotein voucher code to ensure you make the best savings there on the market.

Browse around voucher sites for these special codes that will lead you to promos on protein products. The discount-giving codes may be copied onto your clipboard and pasted at the product checkout page. If your voucher code is valid, the page will recalculate the amount you’ll have to pay based on the discount specified.

Buy big.

When you buy in bulk, you save money in the long run. While the initial cost will be a bit high, keep in mind that when you buy big, the product will last for a longer time. Additionally, it has been proved that buying larger sizes or bigger quantities always works out to be a lot cheaper than purchasing smaller quantities (or more tubs/bottles). You also won’t have to shoulder shipping costs on a monthly basis—you only need to pay for shipping once every three months for example, or even get shipping for free with a bulk order.

Collect and accumulate reward points.

Many online stores have customer loyalty schemes where members get points for every purchase. Signing up as a registered user automatically adds points to your account whenever you spend, so if you buy your protein supplements regularly, it would be wise to register. The points you’ve earned can be converted to a discount that can be used against your future purchases. You can also choose to let your points accumulate and use these to “purchase” an entire order for free.

Choose to buy concentrates.

Products in concentrate form, such as whey protein concentrate, will give you the benefits of high-quality whey protein without paying a high price. Concentrates usually have a protein content of 70 to 80 percent and are the least expensive, with costs that can go as low as half the price of isolates. If you want to save on your protein needs, buying concentrates will definitely do the job.

Mix protein sources.

You don’t have to stick to one kind of expensive protein source to fulfil your nutritional needs. For instance, you can blend whey protein with another type of protein source that costs less, such as pea protein or milk protein. Experts agree that blending protein sources increases the synthesis of protein more than using whey protein alone. Go for milk protein concentrate, which contains 80 percent casein and 20 percent whey protein—the top two proteins you can give your body.